R10 PA Challenge 2019 PAC

R10 PA Challenge 2019 PAC

Greetings from the 2019 IEEE R10 Professional Activities Committee (PAC).  

The IEEE Region 10 Professional Activities Committee (R10 PAC) Challenge has been approved during the 2019 R10 Meeting held at Melbourne in early March this year. You or your representative attending the meeting, would have come across the presentation and poster session describing this special initiative from R10 PAC to help initiate regular PACE activities for your members.          

We would like to hereby invite Sections, Sub-Sections and Councils to submit proposals for R10 Professional Activities Challenge (PAC), to deliver initiatives to be completed preferably by 20 November,2019.

Details of the R10 PAC challenge and an application template can be download here.

Please kindly circulate the attached information, and encourage your local PACE coordinator (if you have one) and/or general members to submit their ideas for the PAC challenge to ieeer10pac@ieee.org before 6 May,2019.

Please also free to advertise about R10 PAC initiatives through the first page of the PDF document attached.  The main objective here is to help establish PACE activities, more regularly across R10 sections in the coming years, similar tothose held in IEEE-USA and IEEE R1-R7 activity calendars.

If there are any questions or clarifications on this Challenge, please do not hesitate to contact either the committee throughieeer10pac@ieee.org or me personally at ncnair@ieee.org

Thanks for your attention and the 2019 R10 PAC members eagerly forward to submission(s) from your OU.



Chair, 2019 Asia-Pacific (R10) Region Professional Activities Committee (PAC)

Call for proposal

Proposal Template